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5 Signs Your Relationships Might Be In Trouble
Written by Travis Fox on Jan. 15th 2019
So the ‘honeymoon phase’ of your relationship has faded and now you’re finding out that during the initial phases you’ve overlooked your partner’s faults and vice versa. 
Written by Travis Fox on Feb. 25th 2017
It's the difference between just doing and actually "architecting"
Why do we do it? Because of the 4 pillars - Mother, Father, Religion, and State! These things have massive influences on our subconscious and how we create habits that show up years later! 
How I Architect - part #1 - Quality Questions
Written by Travis Fox on June 21, 2018
The basic philosophy is, we don't have any answers for you.
At times we search the wrong places in hopes of discovering the right answers and too often we listen to those who mislead us in believing that they have the right answer for us when in actuality they're simply trying to sell us something.
How I Architect - part #2 - Step-by-Step
Written by Travis Fox on June 23, 2018
There is an obvious difference between an adrenaline push and significant change.
Architecting drives change from the inside-out, because that's where it actually comes from. Unlike an adrenaline push which is outside-in. 
Written by Travis Fox on June 19th, 2018
The challenge of being happy is one we should all tackle.
What is your passion? What is your purpose? Are you actually living or are you just alive? Use this journey to wake yourself up from the self hypnosis that's been imposed on you by yourself and others.
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