5 reasons why you should go on a vacation with your partner
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Written by Travis Fox on Jan. 15th 2019
Traveling with your partner to a far away place is hands down one of the most amazing things you can do in a relationship. 

Some regard it as the ultimate test of a healthy long, lasting relationship and they aren’t wrong in any way, shape or form. 

Going on a vacation with your significant other can help your relationship in more ways than you think. 

Traveling puts you out of your precious comfort zone, bringing out the extremes in you and your partner. 

You see the best and the worst in them and learn to meet somewhere in the middle of your differences. 

You get to assess the malleability and tenacity of your relationship and as an added benefit traveling with your partner is intrinsically romantic and stimulating in ways that your daily lives at your home can never be. 

Here are five reasons why you should go on a vacation with your partner. 
1. It enhances intimacy
Do you want your relationship with your partner to be a little more intimate? 

Do you want to reinvigorate the lost spark in your love lives? 

If your answer is YES, then pack your luggage and embark on an adventure with your partner. 

Traveling with your partner melts down the constrictive walls in your relationship and exposes your real selves to one another. 

According to a 2013 US Travel Association survey conducted on American adults:

72 percent said that travel inspires romance and 77 percent of those who travel with their partners have admitted that they have a good, healthy and intimate love life.

2. It strengthens the foundation of your relationships
When you go on a vacation, it’s inevitable that things will go wrong. 

Delayed flight, misplaced luggage or maybe an upset stomach in the morning. To quote Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. 

That might have been a little too hyperbolic but it is pretty normal for unfavorable situations to pop up. 

It’s only on the face of adversities that the true character of your relationship comes to the foreground. 

It lets your reassess your relationship dynamics. 

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3. You get a lot of quality time
In our daily lives, time is of essence. Vacationing with your significant other is the perfect get away from your already hectic tightly packed lives. 

You get to spend quality couple time without the unnecessary interruptions from your work lives. 

A trip with your partner is a great way to architect joyous memories that you’ll cherish in the future. 

Exploring the world, as a couple, is a worthwhile experience that’s a whole lot more romantic than a hundred movie dates and candle-lit dinners combined. 

Plus, it does not hurt to have dozens of couple photographs in your inventory for upcoming events and milestones.
4. Financial Cooperation
Traveling to a far away place with your significant other puts you out of your couple bubble.  

Not only is it more economical to travel with a partner but it also teaches a much valuable lesson of financial cooperation. 

You get to know about the spending habits of your partner and consolidate the finances. 

You get to work as a team on a mission to set a budget, stick with it and manage your expenses. 

Think of a couples’ retreat as a practice game for the main event.
5. All the fun stuff
Vacation is about unwinding and relaxing by taking time out from your busy lives. 

A vacation with you partner is a great platform to indulge in activities that you both love. 

Be it adventure water sport, skydiving, bungee jumping or something a little more relaxing like couples’ massage.

It makes the whole experience even more intensive and full of excitement. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun when on a vacation and it multiplies when you’re with your beloved.
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What comments and questions do you have, lets chat in the comments below!  

Travis Fox

Founder and CEO of Architect Of BEing®

Travis Fox is one of the most sought after speakers and personal coaches in his field. With over 25 years experience, over 6,400 hosted events, and more than 500 corporate/personal workshops across the country.

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