5 signs your relationships might be in trouble
Written by Travis Fox on Jan. 15th 2019
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So the ‘honeymoon phase’ of your relationship has faded and now you’re finding out that during the initial phases you’ve overlooked your partner’s faults and vice versa. 

Now, months or years down the road, it’s getting more and more difficult to put up with it. Maybe the arguments are becoming more frequent or more escalated, or one partner shuts down whenever there’s conflict. 

Some amount of this is perfectly normal in any relationship. Long-term relationships always have their own highs and lows. 

But if there are more lows than highs, you might be wondering whether you’re headed in the wrong direction. 

Take a look at the following signs to see if you recognize these and find out what you can do to get back on the right track.
1. Trust issues
The foundation or the corner stone of every relationship is trust. Relationships can’t thrive if there isn’t trust established between the partners. 

If you have a lot of trust issues and you find yourself constantly finding it difficult to trust your partner or even have trouble sharing pretty basic things with your partner...

... It’s a big red flag that your relationship is headed down the wrong path. 

Again this can be a bit dicey because trust is contingent on you and your partner’s past but as a good rule of thumb, if the list of things you can’t trust your partner with looks like a long grocery list, things aren’t exactly uphill.
2. Disagreements escalate into fights often
People are different and so are their opinions on things. With the variance of view point, disagreements are natural in relationships. 

Truth be told, no one wants a sycophantic yes man around for a prolonged period of time. Furthermore, discussions and debates pertaining to the relationship is actually a constructive avenue that helps strengthen the bond.

But when it gets out of hand and things escalate a little too far much too often, it’s a sign that your relationship might not be a particularly healthy one. 

It happens when one of the partners tries to force their opinions on other and is unreasonably steadfast on a relatively simple argument.     
3. More criticism than encouragement
Do you find yourself constantly criticizing or being criticized by your partner on basic mannerisms and the way of conduct like the way you walk, speak or dress? 

It happens when there isn’t enough respect for the partner’s character. One of the partners tries to aggressively change the other partner in a way that appeases them. 

Criticism is also important in a relationship but when they outnumber the positive reinforcements or encouragements, it’s a sign that your relationship might be spiraling downwards. 
4. You assume the worst
You tend to jump to conclusions rather quickly on the face of minor adversities. Like when your partner comes home late without informing, you automatically assume they are not being faithful. 

You don’t even know half the truth but you hyperbolically assume the most unconstructive outcome. 

When your partner arrives home, you might be cold because you believe that they have wronged you but in reality they might have had a rough day and genuinely forgotten to call you...

...This can be massively detrimental for your relationship.
5. You’ve stopped doing the things you love 
You should get a hint when people around you keep telling you that you’ve changed lately. 

You used to partake in activities that made you happy but lately to avert your partner’s jealousy or objections, you’ve given up on those. 

These sorts of unfavorable situations arise due to power or control issues in relationships. 

Healthy relationships provide space for both partners to live their optimal lives and flourish together...

... The fact that it isn’t is supposed to be a red flag.
Now that we’ve identified the signs, let’s delve into some simple fixes
1. Appreciate your partner enough and surprise them once in a while
Acknowledge that your partner is special and practice being grateful to have them in your lives. 

Show them how much they matter by incorporating small gestures of gratification. 

Pleasantly surprise them every once in a while by doing something special for them or by thoughtful gifting.

2. Keep your work life and personal life separate don’t conflate your professional life with your personal life. 

It has never worked for anyone in the past nor it will ever in the future. 

Don’t bring your work place worries home and let it consume a significant part of your personal relationships.

3. Take them on a trip or vacation

Travelling together is a great way to explore your relationship dynamics and test your compatibility. 

A trip to a untraveled land will work wonders for your relationship and at the same time will help you unwind and relax a little. 

A much needed break you both probably need from your daily hectic schedules.

4. Participate in couples activities

If your relationships are on a rocky patch, you might try out some couples’ exclusive activities. 

These activities are meant to strengthen your bonds, reignite your lost spark and rediscover your relationships. 

If you’re on the lookout for such events, look no further. 

You're not alone! 

We've all had days where we're at ends with our loved ones. No doubt, the people you love the most will be the ones who know how to get under our skin. 

But by learning how to understand each other and how to handle disputes and "fights" in a healthiest way possible, you can actually strengthen the love you share with your partner. 

If you're tired of the endless bickering that seems to never end, you MUST check this out. 

This will give you the clarity you need to deconstruct and rebuild your relationship so that it's stronger than ever!
What comments and questions do you have, lets chat in the comments below!  

Travis Fox

Founder and CEO of Architect Of BEing®

Travis Fox is one of the most sought after speakers and personal coaches in his field. With over 25 years experience, over 6,400 hosted events, and more than 500 corporate/personal workshops across the country.

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