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Written by Travis Fox on May. 5th 2019
Personal branding in the public domain is a rather new concept. Earlier it used to be limited to public figures or celebrities. 

But now at the advent of the internet era, Andy who works as a delivery executive at Taco Bell runs a successful coffee blog and a profitable business around ground coffee. But how you ask? 

Personal Branding is the name of the game. Your personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you well, you. 

Effective personal branding will differentiate you from other professionals in your field.

Creating a personal brand from scratch can seem daunting to many but fret not we are here to help you carve your path towards personal branding glory. 

Here are a few pointers on how to successfully build your self-brand from the ground up. 
The first step, the prerequisite to personal branding is to just be yourself. Sounds redundant and generic? 

It might be but because it is true to the core. This simple advice at most occasions proves to be hard to follow. People see through disingenuous acts. 

Our personal brand should be an easy daily filter that you create content and reach out to your audience with. The more obviously a brand is a copycat, the more the audience will call out the perpetrator for it. 

Magic happens when you truly be your genuine self. 
Finding your niche
Now that we’ve got authenticity in our corner, we move on to the quest for our niche. This is the foundational step in the brand building process. 

You need to list out the things you’re passionate about. The things in which you think you are better than most others. 

Next you need to figure out the topics that have enough traction on the internet. You don’t want to spend all the time and energy necessary to link your brand to a niche that’s not growing. 

But you should under no circumstances, choose a niche you’re not passionate about. 

Your priority should be passion and then the demand for your niche in that particular order.
Knowing Your Stuff
The easiest way to not build a personal brand is being vague about your area of interest. Know the ins and outs of the stuff you preach and talk about. 

It is indispensable that you know your niche better than 90 percent of the population. 

Be self aware of what you are adding to the table and constantly keep building on your knowledge base.
Knowing your audience
Now you’ve gained some audience for your content. The next step is to analyse and get to know your audience to the last minute detail. 

Figure out what your audience needs and what appeals the most to them and then revolve your content around it. 

People like their needs are fulfilled on a regular basis. 

This approach of audience gratification will help garner loyalty from your audience.
Brand Identity
Your personal brand is an extension of who you are as a person. Create a compelling identity around your nice by injecting aspects of your personality in the content you put out. 

It should be genuine and have an unique appeal that differentiates your brand from the various other brands in your market segment. 

Don’t be afraid to include multi-dimensional personality traits that might not have a direct correlation to your niche segment. 

As long as you’re being true to yourself, it will only add an extra layer of realism and charisma to your brand.
How you tell a story is more important than what you tell. Make no mistake, you cannot make do with subpar content but it’s your storytelling technique that sets you apart from competition. 

It reflects your creativity and adds uniqueness to your perspective. Brands without a story around them come off as bland and sometimes outright corny. 

No one wants to hear you shout about your brand into the social media void, so create a story around your brand that your audience can engage with.  
When you are creating a personal brand on the internet, know and understand that your most valuable possession is your audience’s attention. 

And your audience, as with every kind of audience on this planet, has a very short attention span. You have to keep them hooked with consistently rolling out content. 

You have to demonstrate consistency across your communication, content, and appearance. 

Don’t underestimate how tiny inconsistencies can derail personal brand effectiveness.
Positivity and Interaction
Actively participate in conversations with your audience and engage them constantly. 

It makes them feel valued and validated and will eventually instil brand loyalty. You will also pick up much needed feedback from the constant interaction. 

Engage other influencers in your space and niche segment. 

Spread positivity and love, learn from them and watch your brand credibility skyrocket.  
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Travis Fox

Founder and CEO of Architect Of BEing®

Travis Fox is one of the most sought after speakers and personal coaches in his field. With over 25 years experience, over 6,400 hosted events, and more than 500 corporate/personal workshops across the country.

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