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Written by Travis Fox on March 15th 2019
Do you feel lost at some point of your life or as if something is amiss? Maybe you want to be able to contribute to the world in a larger way, but you aren't sure how. 

So many of us walk through life, feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection within, but not quite knowing how to get it. Why is it so hard to find our life purpose? 

There certainly is no shortage of problems in this world. There is no limit on the number of people whom we could help, inspire or support. There is no cap on the number of passions we could pursue. 

Yet, our life purpose often feels somewhat elusive. There are many reasons why you may not know your life purpose. Sometimes it's because the world's problems seem too big. Or we seem too little and insignificant. 

Or maybe we are just exhausted from life and don't know where we'll find the energy to fight for what really matters to us. 

So if you want to find your life purpose, here are the key steps to follow.
Get out of your bubble
Your personal bubble is the small world you live in, where you are right at the center of the universe. You are only concerned with your wellbeing. We all live this bubble in most of the time. 

If we can learn to get outside this personal bubble, and see things from a less self-centered approach, we can see some amazing things. 

Once we see the world from a wider perspective, we become aware of things we didn’t know existed. It will help you gain perspective of the higher purpose in life.
Find what drives you
This is the step where you start listing out the things that instill an exuberant flow of emotions within you. 

The key is to focus on things that you’re passionate about and the things that come easy to you. Almost like second nature. 

The things that truly drive you might transcend worldly desires and materialism.
Here’s one that helps immensely in gaining perspective and clarity in life. Imagine you are 90 years old. 

Look back on your life, and imagine you are completely content that you lived a meaningful, wonderful life.

Figure out in extreme detail what the specifics of that life are, then work backwards through time to determine what you need to do day inand day out between now and 90 in order to live that complete life.
Listen to what other people appreciate about you
If you are having difficulty assessing yourself, or if you’d like a second opinion, consider what other people think your strengths are and 
actively appreciate you for the same. 

They may offer some insight thatyou have trouble seeing yourself. 

Focus on the positives and evaluate yourself and the credibility of their appreciation
Find people who inspire you
Find people whom you find truly inspiring. These can be world leaders, celebrities, or people from your own life. 

Think about why these peopleare inspirational, and determine specific actions or characteristics they have that you’d like to emulate. 

Even actively seek out with people around you whose traits you can resonate with. 

Build a community of like-minded people around you and construct an environment that is conducive to personal growth and development
Listen to you inner voice
Your heart is your best means to assess your true purpose in life. Ask yourself what you love? 

Listen to what your heart suggests you. Start moving towards what you love. When you are motivated and in tune your happy self, inspiration floods your heart and soul. 

By doing the things you love, you will be inspired and gain vital insights into what makes you truly happy.
Get Doing
Finally the last piece of advice and I’m stealing this off Nike. JUST DO IT. Don’t overthink and overcomplicate things. 

You want to know if it will work out? The only surefire way to know is to go ahead and try it. Don’t be afraid to take chances. 

Explore your possibilities. The experience you gain is your reward in the quest for your purpose. Results are an outcome of action
You're not alone! 
We've all had days where we come home worn out, unhappy and ultimately questioning whether we're making the most of the limited time we have on this planet. 

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What comments and questions do you have, lets chat in the comments below!  

Travis Fox

Founder and CEO of Architect Of BEing®

Travis Fox is one of the most sought after speakers and personal coaches in his field. With over 25 years experience, over 6,400 hosted events, and more than 500 corporate/personal workshops across the country.

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